Dagens antrekk

Photos: Ladybird
Vest fra Only
Lang genser fra Joseffsons
Tights fra Divided
Todays outfit.

4 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

lovely vest, I have a similar one of that kind....well, if you move here, give me a call and I will cook something for you guys....or at least teach you a bit of the language, if you're scared to eat what I've cooked;)))
[I have to admit that once you begin to study latin, english seems far more easier....and I bless english for this]

Ladybird sa...

Vests are great for creating a silouet or a look. :) There will be some years until we will be able to move there, but I'll look you up for a nice italien meal :)

KarolineNatalia :] sa...

Slik vest har jeg også lyst på, finner aldri noen som er små nok da ><

Ladybird sa...

Jeg er veldig glad i denne, kjøpte den på salg har en fin på H&M, men den er enda mindre :)