Photos: nineteenpointone
Sjekk ut denne bloggen. Masse inspirerende bilder. Slik beskriver eieren den; "Indtryk, udtryk, optryk og fejltryk fra byernes by" Og med byenes by, menes det Paris.
Cool blog from a stranger in Paris. Some really nice pics to be found there.

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K.Line sa...

Hey Ladybird: Not sure if you will have any interest in participating, but I just did a post on a fun blog game ("What's your basic wardrobe?") and I tagged you. You can find the post here, in case it appeals to you:

Please don't feel in anyway obligated, but it would be great to hear about those items you can't live without. K

Ladybird sa...

Thanx k.line. for thinking about me :) I'll check it out :)