Ai, ai, ai...

Vanessa Da Mata. Ai,ai,ai. fordi det snart går mot varmere dager og sommer. Jippi!


Summer. I can't wait. Enjoy a perfect song for those warm, lazy summerdays; Vanessa Da Mata. Ai,ai,ai.

2 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

I'm in love for the very first side with that lady. she's gorgeous. that song is awsome i copied it to my blog (i hope that you don't mind). i also got discography of Vanessa. thank u !
and show more often songs like this(or just songs you like because i think we have similar music taste). i love bossa nova:)

Ladybird sa...

Eve: Thank you so much for a very cute comment, Eve! Vanessa DaMata is amazing, I love the vibe of her music. I can nearly feel the sun on my skin and the smell of summer when I listen to her music. I love ot. Glad that you liked it as well. I will try to post more songs like this ;) Ofcourse you can copy it to your blog, the song is absolutely worth writing about. Could I maybe get the adress to your blog? I would like to discover it :)