Colorful laces

Photos: Style
Fargesterke lisser skal freshe opp skoene til høsten, i hvertfall hvis du lar deg inspirere av Topshop Unique.
Colorful laces refreshes your shoes this Fall...seen at the catwalk for Topshop Unique.

3 kommentarer :

Anonym sa...

Jeg vil ha kraftige lakkboots med rosa lisser! :)

Jules sa...

Oh my!
I like your post here.
Those pics are so fab,and their lace's are so coool...=)
I love your photo's=)
Hope to see you on my blog too..

Ladybird sa...

Mira: Yes, det vil jeg og ;)

Summer: The laces are stunning, I love this way of freshing up a outfit. I'll pop by your blog, Summer ;)