To nykommere

"Exceptionnel De Chanel Mascara has a wand that combines alternate brushes and combs – three of each in case you’re interested. The idea is to rotate the wand as you brush from root to tip, allowing the brushes to coat the lashes and the combs to separate. It’s really easy to use and thickens and lengthens the lashes in just one coat for a striking effect that looks like lash extensions.This is a must-buy for girls who love instant big, bold lashes.
Best for – Striking lashes. "

Photos: Elle
"Givenchy’s Phenom’eyes is a new generation mascara with a ‘never before seen’ rounded wand. This new shape means you can apply mascara horizontally as normal, or vertically for more root lift. The new technique is a bit fiddly at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, the brush really works to separate, thicken and lengthen for phenomenal looking lashes. Plus, the formula has staying power - we wore it all day long and into the evening without reapplying - and there were no signs of flaking or smudging making this the perfect party mascara.
Best for – Party Eyes "

To nykommere i mascaraverdenen, testet av Amy Lawrenson i britiske Elle. Er litt nysgjerrig på de jeg, derfor tas tester imot med stor takk.
Amy Lawrenson i Elle UK tested two of the new spectacular masacaras. Are the resault spectacular, or are they just looking spactacular?

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Anonym sa...

Psssst: Du spurte om blogg. Sjekk ut http://nita-karoliina.blogspot.com/

Ladybird sa...

Amie: Takk for tipset, må sjekkes ut ;)

Anonym sa...

Jeg er skikkelig spent på den nye fra Givenchy jeg. Tror nesten ikke jeg har tålmodighet til å bruke den.. Ihvertfall ikke til daglig...

Ladybird sa...

Det hadde jo vært morsomt å prøve den da, Camilla Pihl på girlfriend.no skrøt av den...Men det er som du sier, Hanne..har man tålmodighet til dett en trøtt morgenstund?