Anna Dello Russo says...BEACH RULES

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Anna Dello Russo er frøken Fashionista til fingerspissene. Og hun har en egen blogg der hun uttaler seg om det ene og det andre. Jeg har det alltid like gøy når jeg leser gjennom regel-listene hennes. Nå var det 10 regler for strandlivet som sto for tur. Engelsen hennes er utrolig festlig, jeg hører nesten stemmen hennes og den italienske aksenten når jeg leser reglene. Funny! Read and enjoy.

"10 Rules for the BEACH

1. Forbidden to shuffle along noisly
with slippers and mules!
You can see and hear a good swimmer
by the noise he makes in the water:
LESS noise, more is good.

2. No JEWELS and No costume jewelry.
Emphasize the nudity of the body,
its shape, its perimeter.
If you hadn't time to tan,not smear with the self-tanning,
otherwise you will become an orange pumpkin.

4. Attention to SPONGE towels and bathrobes.
By the first wave they 'll be soaked of water and sand, and they 'll weigh a pound.
Better an ethnic light cotton PAREO to lie on matching with an ethnic basket-bag.

5. Is strictly forbidden to wear MAKEUP.
6. Yes for tiny BIKINI with small bows as a bathing suits.
No matching bra with panties!
MIX COLORS as your taste!

7. Compose your look with special SUNGLASSES matching with headphones: One a day throughout the holiday.

8. Take MANICURES and PEDICURES hilarious:
Choose your red nail polish for the summer and varnish one's nails with layers and layers of High Shine Top Coat.

9. Complete your beachwear look with HATS: Wide-brimmed straw hats, turbans, printed foulard, sailor hats and bandana.

10. Don't use too much and don't scream at the PHONE!"

Anna Dello Russo got her own beach rules. Quite funny reading.

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